I love the way my clitoris throbs in all the right places.

I love the feeling of being in constant arousal, walking or just sitting pretty.

When I am really horny and wanted to enjoy myself I could stretch out for hours and spend the whole day just cumming and cumming.

I am grateful.

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Syntribate.com is a non-profit educational site. The words feminine and masculine cannot be used to describe animals, only man and woman, who are divine eternal beings and the co-creators of this universe. The word "human" in corporate law is consider a male or a female because the human body (at least in America) is legally a coporation which means a commodity tradable on the stock market and when you die, a corpse. To combat this degradation of our divine Self, all male and female reference of animalistic origin shall be masculine and feminine, respectively, because we are gods, made in the image of the gods. Welcome to a site dedicated to the advance studies of feminine sexuality, to promote awareness of Self and Remembrance of who we were before the creation of this world.

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Ego itself is a neutral concept, it's neither positive or negative. Without ego, one would cease to exist because ultimate harm and death would bring upon the complete egoless. Maximum ego we all know is aggressive in causing harm to others, self promoting and a host of other ugly and disgusting traits. Therefore, balance as in all concept in this universe is the most beautiful, the most harmonious and the strongest survivor against all wraths designed to weed out the inefficient parasites by Mother Nature.

The masculine essence is represented by the element of fire and feminine essence water. Fire is the source of intense heat and as soon as the fire flames out, the heat dissapears in a flash because it has no capability to store that energy. In a large pot of water, it's the ultimate source of energy storage and buffer; even under intense fire, heat is never quickly achieved but continuously transferred to its vast energy reserve. With enough persistence and patience, the water would eventually boil and when it boils, all hell would break loose. To cool it would be like to stop a running freight train, it's probably better to get out of its way.

As in the words of Dr. Peter Herecules, M.D., "The reality, of course, is that this concept is simply a big lie. Women actually have a greater sexual capacity than men and men are threatened by this fact. Biological reality indicates that a woman has a much greater capacity than a man for prolonged sex, multiple sexual partners, multiple orgasms, and greater intensity of sexual pleasure. She may not only have a greater capacity for all of this but also a greater need."

Men by rebalancing his ego benefits from the regenerative feminine essence of Yin similar to the nature of water. Water is the bearer of life personified by the Age of Aquarius, the water bearer - the eventual and inevitable fall of the Patriach to be once again replaced by the Matriarch as nothing is new under the sun,

"the process of time is regulated by a fixed order; and Time in its ordered course renews all things in the Kosmos by Alteration... it manifests itself and disappears by turns in the several parts of the Kosmos, and that in such fashion that again and again in the checkered course of time it manifests itself anew in those same parts in which it disappeared before."

Syntribate.com encourage women to embrace sensuality such as the enjoyment of orgasms as a natural and healthy expression of ourselves and identify the source of brainwashing that mentality cage us with fear, judgment, shame and guilt. To have sex doesn't mean you experience orgasm, to enjoy orgasms doesn't mean to have sex with someone. What's promoted here is the enjoyment of female sexual pleasure - in whatever context that gives your heart the highest joy - is divine and beautiful. In order for us to enjoy sex with someone, we women must first learn how to have an orgasm on our own so we can teach men how to be better lovers, not the other way around. We are designed and made by our Creator to be the keeper of sensuality for both sex. Male sexuality is simplistic and predictable. There is much to learn by BOTH SEX regarding female sexuality and pornography often sends the wrong message! Let us also not categorically dismiss porn as having no educational value, quite the contrary. As women audience continues to grow, female directors and financially independent actress has more say in the content creation for women, quality of eroticism has improved but still much noise need to be made aware of. Women have the right to pleasure but we have even greater responsiblity to know our own body so we can become a teacher of ourselves, men and young women. This restoration in the empowerment of women is not new but lost knowledge of the ancients, equivalent to the contruction of the ancient megalilith structures over 13,000 years ago in Atlantean period found all over the world. This Restoration is asking humanity to examine our current state of convoluted deception, turning Nature against itself. We must restore balance of what was once good and right, back to its rightful place. Women ultimately holds the key to male and female sexuality.

We obey Law of Compassion for with power comes responsibility of promoting love and respect. Unity is the Way of The One Creator where all life Source from and shall return; the Force that gives animation to all living things. If we can bring new life into this world, our heart must also be in tune to the pulsation of life by protecting and nurturing it in a world that desperately need our example, which is Love not Separation.

NEW POST: 12/20/2013
The Not-so-secret Leg Squeeze Technique by AR (20) posted on Jul 3, 2003 #6186 Sometimes, I think I'm the only one who knows how to do that...lol...and my roomie/best friend is totally jealous of me for being able to. For a long time, it was the only one I knew to get off. I started doing it in 6th grade. I was rocking my hips back and forth in class, noticing how good it felt and then how much better it felt when I rocked them forward, pressing down, and squeezing my thighs. Then, this warm tingling feeling washed over my whole body and I just relaxed and sat back, looking around me. I had my first orgasm and didn't really know what it was. I'd heard about masturbation and never in my reading did I come across leg-squeezing as a form of masturbation. I got to where I'd do that seated about 5 or 6 times a day.Then when I was about 13 or 14, I was laying on the couch in the living room and decided to try to have an orgasm there. I wiggled around a little bit, dug my hips into the couch and sure enough...it was better than the seated ones! Later on, I tried to do it while laying on my side. That one is a little harder to orgasm from but wow, does it feel so good when I do. The ones on my stomach are definitely the best thus far in that category. The whole time I was doing this, I felt really guilty because my mom (who I told about it because I felt so guilty) told me that I should save feelings like that for marriage. (Turns out, I found out that she masturbated at my age as well...lol) I tried to stop but I would sit in class and just imagine how incredible it feltand that would be enough to make me do it. When I'd get done, I'd just slide back upright in my seat and look around, noticing I was breathing a little harder and I was sweating a little. Sometimes, I'd do it so much that my inner thighs would be sore the next day. Also, I noticed it felt better when my bladder was full and I always had to pee when I was done. In college, I found out about the shower massager technique and figured out how to do that one. I've been able to get off with my fingers on my clit maybe twice but I'm really impatient so I like to have them quick and the hand ones don't make me orgasm as hard either. Then I learned about the electric toothbrush and that's pretty great as well. The leg-squeeze has become my backup way to get off now. I'm nearly 21 years old now, still a virgin, with an incredibly strong sex drive. I am constantly horny...lol. After talking to my best friend/roomie about how we both masturbate, I've come (no pun intended) to appreciate the beauty of it and stop being guilty. I figure God would rather me masturbate than to go off and have sex with other people every time I got the urge to get off (which would be all the time...lol). I'll have sex eventually and by doing this, I'm able to wait 'til I get married. Also, knowing the leg-squeeze thing helps me orgasm harder with the shower massager and electric toothbrush because I know how to lift my hips and squeeze just right to make it a more pleasurable experience. It's nice to know I'm not the only one out there that knows what I'm talking about.

The following is a letter I received on Aug 10th, 1998 while I was in Texas.
I love orgasms. I frequently find myself longing for them, and when I'm feeling one surging through my pussy and clit, I wish that it would never go away. That's why I must keep going and going, as I described about the library. I'm sitting there and I know with a few more squeezes of my thighs I'll be in orgasm again. How can I turn it down? Even whenI've been doing this for a while, so you'd think I'd be satisfied, I can't help feeling my clit there so erect and twitching. When I squeeze my thighs I canfeel it sliding around in my slippery lips. They massage it all the way up to the tender tip and when I'm squeezing and rocking and that glowing feeling begins, and fans out over my whole pussy,I am so grateful. I think to myself, there it is... there's my orgasm... I have my orgasm now. And I squeeze steadilyand slowly so it throbs and throbs. It's a bit hard some where like the library, because it makes me breathe faster, and I'm really afraid someone will notice me. But I try to catch my breathe and settle down and then I think I could be feeling it again. If I squeeze and squeeze some more my pussy will have another orgasm, and I want the feeling so, so much. Of course I do have to stop eventually, because I have to leave, or someone keeps hanging around nearby, or I'm finally exhausted.

The clitoris contains twice to three times the nerve endings than circumcised penis (depending on the severely of the damage at birth) and more amazing is that the the entire organ is bigger than the penis because majority of the clitoris are internal, inside the pelvis with two tails wrap along sides of the vulva; the volume of the blood engorged in a average clitoris during arousal is greater than the volume of an average penis! Amazing! The network of clitoral nervous system are highly complex, they extend outward to the upper thighs, along the knees and all the way down to the toes. During clitoral stimulation with finger or vibrator, legs may gyrate uncontrollably, you can visibly see the inner thighs shudder in conjunction with the way the clitoris shudders internally. Women are blessed with their epicenter of pleasure in a nice spot, where the angle of the clitoris rides nicely against the seam of pants, jeans while bending over or walking on high heels, etc. It's possible to be aroused to the brink of orgasms in public hands free with jean, bike, or Bracli perarl thong (picture and story) stimulating clit, vulva and perineal sponge. For the adventurous woman, there is no limit to how much they can experiment with pleasure because one orgasm means more to come, there is no limit on any given session. For women, their best kept secret is just that - a secret for the unsuspecting public.

Author: SaraJills Age: 34 Comments: Masturbation Fetish
I've been coming to this site for about two years and until recently, never read about others who indulged in the same or similar fetish to mine. I love masturbating, masturbating others or just watching others who masturbate through their clothing.

For me, it's a matter of necessity, having a rather large clitoris which, even in its natural state, protrudesnearly half an inch from its hood, 3/4 inch when I'm aroused, is too sensitive to touch directly with fingers or toys. I discovered at an early age how to make myself feel good down there by rubbing myself, fully clothed or just in panties, against various objects and furniture or even just with my fingers, to climax.

In grade school, I used to love how certain pairs of pants and panties felt against my mons, which forms a prominent bulge between my hip bones, the seams of favorite jeans pulling high between my labia. Simply moving my hips would be enough to force my clitoris to rub directly against the soft material and I quickly became adept at bringing myself to orgasm in public merely by crossing my leg, squeezing my thighs together and sliding imperceptibly back and forth on my seat.

Once, when visiting a girlfriend, I noticed her little sister, who was about nine years old at the time, as I passed her room, was kneeling at the corner of her bed, playing with her dollies, dressed in her Brownies outfit. I stopped and watched for a few seconds, and completely wet myself when I noticed that her hips were thrust forward and she was rubbing the cleft of her vagina against the seam of her mattress, and from the way her tush kept clenching and unclenching, she was clearly enjoying herself.

That very night, I humped my way to several intense orgasms against the corner of my bed, twice in the clothing I happened to be wearing at the time and at least once in just my panties, I still do it that way today, in fact, sometimes.

My first experience with a boy, I was so nervous and certain I'd go to hell if I saw him naked, we remained in our underpants throughout our entire explorations. He was my next door neighbor, and we were both 12 years old at the time, playing in his basement. We had been practicing kissing like we'd seen in the movies, with tongues, as he laid on top of me on a musty old cot. I could feel his boner sticking against my thigh and it made me wet when he started humping and sliding the bulge in the front of his shorts against my hip.

I rolled him over and straddled his thighs, tickling him under his arms and along his ribs while he kicked and his boner slid up and down between my legs against my mound. Looking down between our bodies, I could see that his shorts were being tugged so tightly against his erect penis that I could easily see the shape of his circumsized head, when I noticed the wet spot that was forming there, my clitoris throbbed.

I was so turned on that I started humping my mound directly over the bulge his penis made in his pants, fascinated by how wet his shorts and my blue jeans were becoming. I loved the way the material trapped and exposed the shape of his hard on and when he shuddered and grunted, I watched while the semen spurted into his pants spreading the stain all over him and me. It was enough to make me orgasm at the very sight.

Ever since then, with dates or strangers, or even all alone, nothing makes me orgasm harder and longer than watching myself in the mirror as I lewdly rub my fingers or my vibe against my clitoris through my panties or slacks, wetting them as my climax rips through me, or watching a man struggle with self control, eventually losing it as the sperm stains his trousers. When I masturbate in public, it makes me so hot to wonder if anyone can smell my soaking wet panties after I'm done having orgasms.

My favorite jeans to orgasm in are about two sizes too small and almost as old as I am (I got them in a thrift store). They mould beautifully against my mons and fit so tightly, they bulge against and reveal the shape of my lips, even. My favorite panties are boys cut, center seamed, cream colour, white or black. I love the way the cream ones darken when I'm leaking juice, the grey ones, too. The white ones become transparent when I'm wet, revealing the pink of my labia, and the black ones really show up the white cum stains after I've cum. I'd love to hear from others, men or women, who share my special little fetish. 

New Story: From: "curious one"
To: "katherine@thighsqueeze.com"
Date: Mon, Feb 20, 2012 8:03 pm

If my memory serves me right, she was wearing sweat pants. I was sitting two rows back (desks were lined up in rows) just off to the left.   I tried to sit somewhat away from her as to go unnoticed.  I couldn't see her face except for when she would uncross her legs, stretch raising her hands high in the air, look left and right as to be sure no onewas watching her and then retuck her hands and go at it again..  I couldn't see her face except for a brief glimpse as she looked left and right.   She seemed to be in a total trance and it was all I could do to keep my breath silent.  My heart was beating so fast Ithought I was going to faint!

Another girl I would watch usually wore jeans and she did the kicking motion that one of your contributors described,  It was like she was kicking in the air and didn't seem to be getting much of a thrill out of it but now I know she was doing the clinch and release thing.  One day I thought she was about to get up and leave when she did a big sigh andthen kicked her shoes off.   She then proceeded to tuck her heels into her crotch and sit in the butterfly position like some footbal players do when they stretch.  All of a sudden it was as if she was going to fly away flapping her legs as though they were wings,  She did this for about three or four full minutes and then got a big smile on her face, untucked he heels from her crotch, put her shoes back on and then got up and left.   I saw her do this on at least three other occassions.  To this day, I still get off to the memory of seeing her in the library going at it as if nothing was happening.

Lesbian Fantasy

Research has shown that women can migrate more freely in their sexual orientation throughout their lifetime than men. Men pretty much stuck at birth. Statistics don't lie, when straight men and women look at nude men, little to no blood flow increase in their genitals. When straight men and women look at nude women, BOTH sex increase in blood flow to their genitals. The only time when blood flow increase looking at nude men are gay men. There is a wide acceptance of female female bonding throughout diverse culture in ancient literature, especially Chinese literatures some 3,000+ years.

Many women have one time or another fantasize sex with another woman even though they're not a lesbian. I'm not talking about romance, just straight up sex for purely pleasure reasons. Many girls in middle school have admitted to having sexual fantasies with other girls, some went all the way to fulfill their fantasy and the memories will stay with them the entire life. (Aiden video interview: Why I Love Girls)This is not the same with boys. Straight boys and men are repulsed by the mere ideas of such act with their own. No matter how much our society has contaminated our thoughts and how we should think, nothing can be more powerful than Nature - because it's in our genes.


For concern Christians or other religious people, this article makes it clear consensual homosexual are not included as sin, especially lesbians (no female prefix found anywhere, only arsen meaning male), only boy sex slaves raped against their will that is despicable. Further the original Greek word arsenokoitai, means abusers of themselves with mankind. Concensual homosexual between men, the common Greek word paiderasste would have been used but instead, arsenokoitai because it is a violation of free will against one's own nature.